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Ceiling fire-proof system


product type: integrated type

place of origin: China

payment: by T/T

Packing: wooden pallet

lead time: one month

brand: BEST

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BEST ceiling system is consisted of BEST boards, light steel keels and varnished keels. It has environment friendly, light weight, durable, moisture resistant, fire-proof, easy to install , fashional and other features.

There are 2 common ways to install the ceiling: lay-in installation and clip-in installation. Clip-in ceiling system uses 2440mmx1220mm BEST thin board (thickness 5mm or 6mm) and efficient light steel carrier.

Processes as follows:

1.installation processes:

Drawing the installation lines---fixing bolts---fixing carriers and sub keels---fixing the boards---brushing emulsion paint

2、Installation Processes

1、Draw lines of ceiling height, keel structure and hanging points of rods according to construction plan. Lines of ceiling height should be drawn on walls while the others on ceiling. Lines must be clear and accurate. Then fix the sealing materials and hanging rods and install connecting pieces.

2.keels installation:

a. Combine the carrier and the bolt hanger and tighten the screw to lock carrier.

b. The sub keel should be installed on the main carrier vertically, fixing sub keel hanger on the cross point between sub keel and main carrier. The U-shape part of hanger has to be twisted and hidden into the main carrier. Size deviation of the joint can not be over 2mm and the distance between sub keels is 600mm.

c. Horizontal keels installation: Distance between horizontal keels is 600mm. Please insert hangers in both ends of horizontal keels. After hanging it on the sub keels, the hangers have to be twisted and hidden into the sub keels.

d. The keels have to be installed from one side to another side of the room. If there are higher and lower ceilings, the high ones have to be installed first. When installing the keels, remember to leave some space for edge sealing to support keels horizontally. Decorate the edge with wood and brush white paint at last.

3、SANLE board installation:

Before installing the boards, please make sure all keels, water pipes and electric ones have been set up. Install the SANLE boards according to staggered joints from one side to another. After finishing the full-size boards, then install the half size ones. 3mm gap should be left between boards to wall. Long side of the boards and the sub keels is expected to make a cross, making all board edges locate on the sub keels. The joint distance between SANLE Board and sub keel should be same as the next board which shares the same sub keel and 3mm gap should be left between 2 boards. Pasting supporting punched tapes on the gap after filling with putty.

4、Ceiling puttying and polishing:

3 times of puttying is needed and make sure the wall is even before brushing emulsion paint.

5、Brushing emulsion paint:

The emulsion paint should be brushed for 3 times. Cracks, beats, brush marks are now allowed. Uneven place should be less than 1mm height measured by a 2m straight ruler.

Open installation ceiling system is consisted of 600*600mm SANLE thin boards (thickness 5mm or 6mm) and T-shape keels. 

The installation processes are as follows:

1.installation process:

cleaning up base walls--fixing hanger rods--fixing main keels--fixing sub keels --- levelling of keels---fixing SANLE boards----fixing electromechanical system---water test and pressure test--- hidden project inspection--finished product protection----drawing guidelines--- acceptance inspection.

2.Construction methods:

a. Drawing the installation lines according to construction plans, and installing hanger rods.

b.Main keels installation: Using UC50 or U38 keel as the main keel ,the distance between main keels should less than 1200mm. Connecting the main keel and main keel hanger. According to designs, make an arch high of ceiling with the distance of 1/200 of shorten edge. If the main keel is not long enough, the jointed point should be set up with a stagger. Besides, it has to install hanger joints on every joint point. Remember to check the leveling frequently. If the vent pipe is bigger than the largest distance between keels, over 30*3 steel angle have to be used as keel frame.

c. T-shape sub keels installation: Around the place of lamps and ventilation outlet it is required to use T-shape reinforced keel.

d.Hidden project inspection & leveling: After finishing setting up the edge keels, check the leveling of the whole system again. Adjust the edge keels at first, and then align the sub keels according to them. If it is necessary you can adjust the main keel.

e. SANLE board installation: Choose appropriate sizes and thickness as per design. The common size is 600*600*6mm.To avoid spots, workers should wear white gloves when installing the boards.

f. Exposed ceiling grid system (keels installed outside): Combine the use of both exposed ceiling grid system and t-shape sub keels installation and put the Sanle boards into the frame formed by sub-keels by inclining 45 degrees. If there is depression bars on roof, the fixation should be done by self-tapping screw or adhesive, after installing surface board, leveling, adjusting gaps and drawing lines.

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